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Picking New Glasses? 2 Things To Stay Away From

Do you need a new pair of glasses? If so, you might find yourself in your optometrist's office, inundated with frame options. In your hurry to find a great pair, you might rush through frames to look for something that works. Unfortunately, choosing eyeglasses in a hurry is never a good idea. Here are two things to stay away from, so that you can find a pair that you will love until your next eye exam:

1: Big Trends

As you peruse those walls covered with frames, you might be tempted to change up your look with a swanky, stylish set of glasses. Although most glasses might look the same at first, there are trends in eye accessories just like any other market. Unfortunately, if you choose a super trendy set of glasses, you might end up looking dated a few months down the road.

  • Bright Colors: Those neon blue glasses might seem like a spunky addition to your wardrobe, but how frequently will you be able to wear them? Avoid uncommon or super bright colors, including white and chrome.
  • Decorative Accents: To set eyeglasses apart, some manufacturers include decorative metal work like swirls or dipped bows. However, unusual metal accents can clash with the designs on your clothing if you aren't careful.  
  • Logos: That huge logo on the side of your bows might seem neat now, but what if you decide you don't want to be associated with the company in the future? If a fashion icon becomes embroiled in a steamy love triangle, it might not seem as neat to wear her brand on your face.

To fend off trouble, try to choose eyeglasses with classic styling. It might feel like the bland option, but those frames will meld with new styles throughout the year.

2: Uncomfortable Frames

Looks are important, but they won't mean a thing at three in the morning when you are trying to finish a research paper for school. When it really comes down to it, comfort is what will determine how often you wear your frames, and how happy you will be when you do.

After you find a set of frames that you like, resist the urge to buy them right away. Instead, try to wear them for awhile. You will start to notice that although a set might seem nice at first, they might feel different after a few minutes. Bow length, nose piece designs, and even lens placement can alter your comfort.

By taking the time to find a great pair of eyeglasses, you can look great, stay comfortable, and avoid buyer's remorse. Talk to a specialist, like those at Linden Optometry PC, for more guidance.