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What To Expect When Recovering From Cataract Surgery

If you are planning on having advanced cataract surgery, you may be a bit apprehensive about what recovery will be like after the procedure is completed. Knowing what to expect beforehand will help you realize which symptoms are considered normal and which would require an additional trip to your doctor for assessment. Here is a summary of what you can expect when recovering from cataract eye surgery.

Right After Surgery

When you have your cataract removed from your eyes, you will be under anesthesia. As soon as your surgical procedure is complete, you will be brought to a recovery room for observation as your anesthesia wears off. When you start to become alert, a nurse will be available to speak to you so you are not startled with the fact you cannot see upon awakening. You will have a mask over your eyes. After you are coherent and you recognize you had just had surgery, relaxing with your eyes shut is best as you start your recovery process.

When You Get Home

You will need someone to drive you home after cataract surgery, as your vision will be blurred for several days. This frightens many people, making them believe the surgery was not successful. It is a normal part of the healing process however, and your vision will become clearer with time.  When you get home, keep the protective mask over your eyes when you take a nap or go to sleep for the night.  

Many cataract surgery recipients will notice that their eyes feel scratchy, similar to having sand inside of them, for a week or so after surgery. Resist the urge to rub your eyes when you feel this sensation. Instead, lie down with your protective mask over your eyes and relax. This will ease this symptom as your eyes are healing. Your doctor will prescribe eye drops to help with this feeling as well.

Follow Up With Your Doctor

You will most likely have an appointment with your doctor the day after you had your surgery performed to see if your eyes seem to be healing properly. At this time, if you are in extreme pain or discomfort, let your doctor know so they can check for remnants of left behind tissue from the cataract. If you find your vision does not become clearer after a week or so, call your doctor to make an additional appointment to make sure all the cataracts were removed. 

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