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2 Tips For Choosing New Eyeglasses

Once the calendar year resets for your vision insurance plan, you might be eager to make an appointment with your eye doctor and start shopping for frames. Unfortunately, buying eyeglasses without a lot of thought might lead to buyer's remorse later. Here are two tips for choosing new eyeglasses:

1: Be Leery of Trends

Sure, those crystal clear frames might look cool now, but how will they look a few years from now? If you plan to wear those new glasses for a while, you should think carefully about trends. Eyeglasses aren't exempt from the world of fashion. Just like any other accessory, designers focus on the season, local styles, and personal influences to create glasses with a little flair. Unfortunately, trendy frames can look dated as soon as trends change—making you look older than you are.

To stay on the safe side, opt for conservative frames. Neutral colors like black, tortoise shell and gold might be easier to blend into a perpetually changing wardrobe. Also, stick with traditionally shaped frames, and steer clear from glasses with heavily decorated sides.

When you try on frames, take pictures of yourself so that you can compare different frames side by side. Think about getting a second opinion from a friend or family member. You never know, they might mention things about those frames that could help you to avoid buying the wrong pair.

2: Consider Function Over Form

Even the best-looking frames in the world might get old if you don't love wearing them. Instead of focusing completely on looks, pay special attention to function. Here are a few things you should analyze as you try on different glasses:

  • Fit: Pay attention to how the frames fit your face. Do the nose pads dig into your nose? Are the bows long enough to reach your ears comfortably? Try to wear the frames for awhile so that you get an idea of how they fit.
  • Visible Area: Those tiny glasses might seem appealing, but how large is the visible area through the lenses? Make sure that the glasses you choose have large enough lenses to allow you to see to the sides easily.
  • Durability: If you have children, durability should be your top priority. Pay attention to what the glasses are made of, and whether or not they are reinforced. Ask about anti-scratch coating, so that your lenses stay clear.

By thinking carefully about your eyeglasses purchase, you might be able to invest in frames that you love for years to come. Contact a local outlet, such as Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC , for further assistance.