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Use These Tips To Keep Your Glasses From Getting Scratched

When you're ordering a new pair of glasses from your local eye care center, it's typically a good idea to spend a little extra on an anti-scratch coating for the lenses. This option is typically available on a wide range of glasses and can help to keep your lenses clear for years to come. If you don't opt for this upgrade, it's important that you're vigilant about preventing the lenses from getting damaged. Here are some key tips to remember in your effort to keep the lenses from getting scratched.

Don't Rub Them With Your Clothing

When you notice a small streak or smudge on your lenses, it can be tempting to wipe the mark away with a piece of your clothing such as the cuff of your shirt. In many cases, doing so will work fine, but in other cases, the abrasive nature of the fabric you're wearing could damage the lens. It might happen over time, so you shouldn't even use this approach if you're able to clean the lens with no ill effects. When it comes to keeping your lenses clean, you should only use the specially designed cleaning cloth that you receive when you pick up your new glasses.

Keep The Glasses In Their Case

If you don't wear your glasses all the time, it can be tempting to hang them from your collar, throw them in your jacket pocket or set them on your desk. This behavior, however, is risky. In each of the above scenarios, it's possible for you to bang the glasses against something or knock them off so that they fall to the floor. In each of these cases, it's possible that one or both of the lenses will get scratched. To avoid such issues, pledge to keep your glasses in their protective case whenever they're not on your face.

Consider The Activities You're Doing

It's a good idea to wear protective goggles over your glasses to protect them during certain activities. For example, if you're trimming an overgrown tree in your yard, it's easy for a branch to make contact with your glasses and scratch the lenses. With goggles in place, you won't have to worry about this issue. If it's not appropriate to wear goggles for a certain activity – playing sports, for example – consider wearing an old pair of glasses instead, as it won't matter as much if their lenses get scratched during the activity.