3 Tips For Caring For Your Contact Lenses

If you have to rely on corrective vision wear to get through your day, you will want to take care of these. Studies indicate that 30 million Americans wear contact lenses daily to be able to see well. If this number includes you, it's important to take the proper care of your lenses. Doing so can help you avoid some medical problems that include eye infections. By knowing tips that can assist you in caring for your contact lenses, these can help you do so each day. [Read More]

They Can See Clearly Now -- 5 Steps to Helping Your Child Adjust to New Glasses

Finding out that your child needs to wear glasses can mean a big adjustment for both you and your son or daughter. Some parents may feel disappointment or even feelings of failure at this early childhood vision probably. The good news is that you can make it easier and have a successful transition to glasses if you follow a few basic steps. Check Your Own Attitude Convincing your child about the benefits and necessity of wearing glasses begins with your own positive attitude. [Read More]

3 Contact Lens Tips For Better Eye Health

Contact lenses provide a viable alternative to glasses, but it's important to follow all safety precautions to ensure the continued health of your eyes. While most contact lens wearers know that the lenses require proper cleaning and storage, there are other safety and hygiene tips that can also increase the comfort of lens wear. The following are just a few of these tips. Tip #1: Get a Professional Fitting More people are ordering lenses online because if the cost savings. [Read More]

Getting Through Your Cataract Surgery Successfully

Your ophthalmologist has recommended cataract surgery to remove the cloudy lenses affecting your vision. Without the surgery, your sight will become worse. While the procedure is a common one, done as an outpatient in your doctor's office, the thought of having surgery can make you anxious. Here is what you can expect from this surgery and the days following it.  Take a "Buddy" With You You'll find it helpful to have a friend or family member take you to your appointment and bring you back home after the procedure. [Read More]