Picking New Glasses? 2 Things To Stay Away From

Do you need a new pair of glasses? If so, you might find yourself in your optometrist's office, inundated with frame options. In your hurry to find a great pair, you might rush through frames to look for something that works. Unfortunately, choosing eyeglasses in a hurry is never a good idea. Here are two things to stay away from, so that you can find a pair that you will love until your next eye exam: [Read More]

Keratoconus: What It Is And How It Is Treated

If you have been suffering from distorted vision, and your optometrist tells you that you have keratoconus of the eyes, you may wonder what to expect. Fortunately, the condition is easily treated and with proper upkeep, you will have clearer vision without worry. Here is a summary of the condition and what you can expect when having it treated. What Is Wrong With Your Eyes? Finding out that you have keratoconus can be a little overwhelming at first because it sounds serious. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Nearsightedness

If you see just fine when objects are up close, but they become blurry far away, you might be suffering from nearsightedness. Also called myopia, nearsightedness will make objects harder to focus on the further away they are. Here is more information about this condition. How do you know you have nearsightedness? Most people that can't see objects or details from far away have nearsightedness. In the beginning, the changes can be very subtle. [Read More]

Dealing With Contact Lens Problems During The Allergy Season

Many people consider their contact lenses a necessity. Either they don't think they look as attractive when wearing eyeglasses or they simply feel their vision has more clarity with the contacts. Allergies are one of the most common reasons that contacts can feel uncomfortable at times. If you suffer from seasonal allergy problems, there are ways to decrease the comfort so you can continue wearing your contacts. Allergies that Affect Your Eyes [Read More]