Dealing With Contact Lens Problems During The Allergy Season

Many people consider their contact lenses a necessity. Either they don't think they look as attractive when wearing eyeglasses or they simply feel their vision has more clarity with the contacts. Allergies are one of the most common reasons that contacts can feel uncomfortable at times. If you suffer from seasonal allergy problems, there are ways to decrease the comfort so you can continue wearing your contacts. Allergies that Affect Your Eyes [Read More]

How To Tell If Your Eyeglass Prescription Is Right

You recently got a new pair of eyeglasses, but you're wondering if the prescription might be wrong. Instead of seeing more clearly, the world looks blurry and out of focus. Although it has been a few days, the situation hasn't improved any, so you start to worry. If that's the case, how do you decide whether to give your optometrist a call or tough it out for a few more days? [Read More]